Bristol book soft A4

blank paper

Product Code : 116115C

EAN (per unit) : 3037921161159

Color : Black

  • noir.jpg

FORMAT : 21 x 29,7 cm

Ruling : Blank

PAPER : blanc

Features and characteristics :

- 91 lb extra smooth white bristol paper
- softback book
- Italian leatherette softcover, elastic closure
- Rhodia touch logo embossed on front cover
- 32 non microperforated sheets
- ribbon bookmark
- blank paper
Certification PEFC Clairefontaine® paper (PEFC™-certified, made in Etival-Clairefontaine, France)
The ultra-fine, all-cellulose, satin-finish 91 lb Bristol paper is extra smooth and extra white. It is perfect for precision drawing and techniques using pencil, pen, needlepoint pen, nib, etc. It can also withstand multiple layers of ink and will also withstand repeated scratching and erasing without pilling. This paper is acid-free and PH-neutral. Vegan friendly.


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