We certify that our brands are environmentaly friendly


Contrary to popular belief, the paper industry slots perfectly into protection of the environment. Therefore, to manufacture its high-quality papers, Clairefontaine mainly uses fibres from sawmill wastes or from pruned or thinned trees. It appears that the concept of deforestation is incorrect, only the outer wood is used to provide these fibres, the heart of the wood being intended for furniture and construction.

Forest thinning promotes biodiversity, water management, and the health of trees. PEFC and FSC certifications furthermore, facilitates an even clearer surveillance, which helps with respecting the equilibrium between a forest and its wildlife, the preservation of outstanding tree specimens, planting varieties of species, and the preparation of soils, etc.

Clearly Clairefontaine plays a role in protecting forests and, as an example, maintains hundreds of hectares of forest in Vosges.
Water management and conservation remain a major challenge, Clairefontaine has its own treatment plant, which has been recognised by the award of an official Trophy. Every year, its paper manufacturing consumes less energy, and lowers its emissions into the air. What's more, Clairefontaine adopts this responsible type of approach right up to its paper printing and stationery manufacturing activities, by exercising rigorous checks of the inks and glues used.

The plant-based nature of the fibres makes their paper a fully recyclable material because it comes from a sustainable resource. Its use does not result in the removal of a finite stock of raw materials, as is the case with fossil fuels. Near Reims, Everbal, which is a subsidiary of Clairefontaine, only manufactures recycled papers.

For Clairefontaine, the production of paper and stationery can genuinely be called “Green” industrial operation.


The Clairefontaine paper is made in Etival-Clairefontaine, in the Vosges, always on the same machine.

Its characteristics reflect a subtle balance:
• its strength provides superior opacity and strength, such as easy folding of the sheets,
• its satin finish is perfectly regular so that the feather glides easily, not too sharp so that the tip does not slip,
• its gluing is irreproachable so that the ink and felt tip do not blot, but measured to leave the paper in love with writing,
• its formation is totally homogeneous thanks to the choice of paper pulp, the refining and progressive draining of the fibres, which then allows the printing of fine, precise lines and easy writing,
• its whiteness makes the text appear clearly, without dazzling the eyes.


Our main environmental certifications


Program for Endorsement of Forest Certification. An international non-profit, non-governmental organi- zation dedicated to promoting sustainable forest management, the PEFC Certification is the certifica- tion system of choice for small forest owners.


A label owned by the German Federal Environmental Agency. The Blue Angel environmental label guarantees that 100 percent of the paper fibers are from recovered paper. This ecolabel also guarantees that no harmful chemicals or optical brighteners are added during the production of the paper.




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